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Announcing the Kootenay Boundary Small Forest Tenure Capacity Building Project

Community forests, woodlot owners, and other small tenure holders can look forward to a new
initiative aimed at strengthening their capacity to optimize log product value, utilize and minimize
waste, and increase harvesting efficiency.
Thanks to seed funding from Nakusp and Area Community Forest (NACFOR), and research
funding from the Wood Product Development Council (WPDC), and Regional District of Central
Kootenay-Area K, the research portion of the project will commence in November 2021. A
volunteer steering committee, including Hugh Watt, Frances Swan, and Patrick Judd of
NACFOR, along with woodlot owner Brent Petrick, is providing leadership. An experienced
forestry expert will prepare a snapshot of the available wood, what is currently being done with
it, what more could be done, and what is needed to facilitate market and product expansion.
Potential opportunities that emerge from the research will be supported to move forward to
This support could take the form of connections to potential business partners, business case
preparation, product expertise, financing, training, and more. Already, numerous supporting
organizations are following our progress. A key part of the work is building a network of
participants and resources that can facilitate ongoing collaboration, and lead to greater revenue
and jobs for our local communities.
To ensure practical relevance, the Kootenay Boundary catchment area is the focus of this
project, but if the model is successful, it can be utilized in other regions of BC. The steering
committee encourages Community Forests in this region to participate in interviews when
contacted by the researcher.
For more information, contact Corinne Tessier, project coordinator: