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NACFOR Welcomes 2022

The Nakusp and Area Community Forest (NACFOR) welcomes in 2022 while reflecting on projects from 2021.

In 2021, NACFOR continued to implement its donation program to distribute funds to various community projects.

In 2021, multiple organizations received funds from NACFOR to enhance or continue efforts to support the community.

Projects supported by NACFOR include Arrow and Slocan Lakes Community Services (Food Bank Program, Choices for Seniors, & Community Works Workshop), Arrow Lakes ATV Club (Summit Staging Area and Sign Kiosks), Arrow Lakes Historical Society (Computer Network), Fauquier Community Club (Wildfire Protection Equipment), Kinship Connection Society (Green Space Rejuvenation), Nakusp and Area Youth Network (New Computer, and Youth Programming Expenses), Nakusp & District Museum Society (Emergency Preparedness Project), NSS (Student Opportunity Enhancement in Woods Class), NSS Boys Soccer Team (Soccer Provincials Trip), NSS Scholarship Society (Scholarships/ Bursaries), Society for Nakusp Community Events (Nakusp Celebration of Light 2021), and the West Kootenay Football Club (Youth and Adult League Equipment Update).

In addition, firewood was donated to the Burton Volunteer Fire Department, the Stepping Stones Children’s Center, the Piece of Heaven Sanctuary, the NSS Grad 2022 Class, and the NSS Basketball Team for raffle or other methods of distribution/ fundraising.

In 2021, NACFOR declared a $100,000 dividend to be presented to the Village of Nakusp.

These dividends are put into a “Legacy Fund” for community projects in the Village and in the surrounding area, all the way south to Edgewood.

As well, NACFOR worked with SD#10 – Arrow Lakes to bring numerous field trips to NSS, NES, and LESS students.

Some activities included tree planting, hikes to the Wensley Creek Jackrabbit Interpretive Trail, to the Arrow Park Trail, and with the Kindergarten and Grade 1 NES class on the Nakusp Waterfront Walkway.

To create continued opportunities for recreation, NACFOR maintained the Jackrabbit Interpretive Trail, the Arrow Park Trail, and the Galena Bay Trail for public use in 2021.

NACFOR assisted the Arrow Lakes Caribou Society with implementing the Caribou Maternity Pen project objectives by completing the Maternity Pen to be ready for animal capture in Spring 2022.

You can learn more about this project on the Arrow Lakes Caribou Society website;

The Nakusp and Area Community Forest attended the 2020-2021 BC Community Forest Association virtual conference and received the Robin Hood Memorial Award honorable mention for 2020.

Minister of Forest, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development (FLNRORD), Katrine Conroy presented the awards to recipients.

NACFOR is set to host the 2022 BC Community Forest Association Conference next Fall.

Some key operational projects for NACFOR in 2021 included increasing the Community Forest Land Base, collaborating to create the Kootenay Boundary Small Forest Tenure Capacity Building Project, and finally, continuing to collaborate with the RDCK, the Village of Nakusp, and the BC Wildfire Service to implement treatment prescriptions surrounding Nakusp and efforts to mitigate fuel and the risk of an interface wildfire.

In reflection of this group project, a Wildfire Risk Reduction Open House was hosted in September to welcome public questions about project plans and objectives.

The Ministry of FLNRORD, the Village of Nakusp, FireSmart and the RDCK, BC Wildfire Service, Interfor, and NACFOR assembled the multi-organizational task force to coordinate this project.