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About Us

Nakusp and Area Community Forest (NACFOR) is a BC corporation 100% owned by the Village of Nakusp, and governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Its 25 year (replaceable) Community Forest Agreement with the BC government, licenses it to manage a forest land base of 9192 hectares and harvest an average of 20,000 cubic metres – about 500 truckloads of timber per year. Operations are carried out on a contract basis, primarily with local contractors. NACFOR has operated successfully since 2008 and delivered numerous benefits to the local community. NACFOR’s current strengths enable it to face increasing challenges in the forest industry and undertake new ventures for long-term sustainability. NACFOR is a part of the BC Community Forest Association. See a detailed description here of a BC Community Forest Agreement with the province of British Columbia. And, how community forests are contributing to rural-communities economy.

Board of Directors:

The Nakusp and Area Community Forest is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, composed of a diverse and representative cross-section of the community. Board members include a Village Council representative and the RDCK Area K Director (or their representative). Board members are appointed annually by the Nakusp Village Council.

The Board’s mandate is to provide governance and policy related to:

  • Legal accountability
  • Strategic goals and guiding principles
  • Financial control
  • Public consultation and conflict resolution processes
  • Hiring of the management contractor

The Board meets monthly to discuss policy and current operations with NACFOR management.

NACFOR Board of Directors: Left to Right: John Cann, Corrin Meither, Darlene Adair, Randy Mackenzie, Teresa Weatherhead, Patrick Judd, Jennifer Erlendson. Missing: Mason Hough

Board of Directors Include:

John Cann, President

Darlene Adair, Treasurer

Patrick Judd, Director

Jennifer Erlendson, Director

Teresa Weatherhead, RDCK Area K Director

Mason Hough, Village of Nakusp Council Representative

Anastasia Hewat, Director

Corrin Meither, Alternate Director

From time to time, the NACFOR Board recruits new members. If you are interested in potentially serving on the NACFOR Board of Directors in the future, please contact us.

NACFOR Management:

Cabin Resource Management of the West Kootenays and the Okanagan, is currently the managing contractor of Nakusp and Area Community Forest. Cabin has been in operation since 1996. Since starting, Cabin has grown from forestry development and operations in the southern interior into a multi-disciplinary company. They work across the province in forestry, remote sensing, wildfire, recreation, and environmental operations.

True North Forestry Consulting Ltd. was the planning and forest operations manager of NACFOR from 2008 to 2023.

NACFOR Management Team:

We use a team approach to the management of NACFOR. A team approach enables a broader skillset to be applied to NACFOR. It allows the ability to quickly scale staff to meet project demands. Workload permitting we also hire local summer students.

Management Team members are:

Mike Crone, RPF – Forestry Division Manager – Operational management and forest planning.

Erin McLeod, BSc, BIT, FIT – Senior Technician – Environmental monitoring and best management practices development, operational planning for forest harvesting and development.

Kathleen Ennis, CET – GIS Mapping Specialist – Planning and operational maps, data management, reporting on obligations.

Skye Cunningham, BAPC, DIJ – Communications Specialist – PR and communications strategies implementation, communications tracking, event planning, and public engagement.

Cabin Resource Management Website

NACFOR Operations:

The infographic below details how NACFOR aims to combine social benefit, sustainable forestry, the environment, fair governance, and economic benefits into operations.