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Forest Operations

NACFOR operations are designed to manage the community forest land base in a sustainable manner.

NACFOR manages 9,192 hectares of forest land base within the Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK), consisting of seven separate parcels, from Galena Bay to Arrow Park. Benefits flow to all communities in the catchment area, extending from Edgewood in the South to Galena Bay in the North, and East to Summit Lake Ski Hill. NACFOR operations revenue is used to hire local contractors, and management staff and distribute funds to our Donations program and Dividends and Legacy fund.

For more information about NACFOR’s operations, contact the NACFOR management office. See the Contact Us page for more information.

Below is an interactive map of the NACFOR operating tenure around Nakusp.

Forest Operations Map (FOM)

NACFOR has uploaded planned harvesting data to the Forest Operations Map (FOM) portal. The public review and comment period for the plans are now closed, and the FOM is considered current for a three year period ending April 25, 2027.

The Forest Operations Map can be viewed here.

FOM ID: 1439 – K2S, OneCP Baerg/Slewiskin, Natural Resource District – Selkirk, Timber Supply Area – Arrow, Landscape Unit: N522 Caribou