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Dividends & Legacy Fund

Dividends to Shareholder to Date

NACFOR is a stand-alone entity, registered as a corporation in BC, with the Village of Nakusp as the sole owner and shareholder. One of NACFOR’s objectives is to disburse profits from operations, net of operating capital, to the local area. This is done through the NACFOR Dividends presented annually to the Village of Nakusp. Annually, the NACFOR Board of Directors conducts a thorough review and assessment of the current financial status of the Corporation to determine the dividend amount to be declared. Dividends are invested by the Village and held in the NACFOR Legacy Fund.

2021 Dividend Presentation

2020 Dividend Presentation

2019 Dividend Presentation

2018 Dividend Presentation

2016 Dividend Presentation

2013 Dividend Presentation

2014 Granting Program for 2012 Dividend

NACFOR Legacy Fund:

The Village of Nakusp established the NACFOR Legacy Fund under the Nakusp and Area Community Forest Legacy Fund Bylaw #653 in 2014. Profits or dividends received from NACFOR are held in the NACFOR Legacy Fund to be used for projects that benefit the community. The Legacy Fund is not to be used for regular Village operations or expenditures. Funds may be distributed within Electoral Area K and the Village of Nakusp and to Summit Lake Ski Hill. 25% of the monies deposited to this Fund will be for distribution to projects benefitting Arrow Park South to Edgewood.

Projects Benefitted from NACFOR Legacy Fund: