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Caribou Maternity Pen Project

Please read the full project brief attached here and consider supporting this GoFundMe to help with the recovery of our local Woodland Caribou population. The Arrow Lakes Caribou Society (ALCS) is working on a maternity penning project for the local Central Selkirk herd, in cooperation with provincial and local governments. The maternity pen would reduce environmental pressures on pregnant caribou cows and calves, improve overall survival, and help to release healthy cows and calves into native habitat. The alternative of waiting another year to begin the project is that it may be too late for recovery. As part of the fundraising effort to build the pen in January 2020, the Society has started a GoFundMe campaign. Grant funding- if successful- won’t be available until March 2020 so they are looking at other funding sources in order to purchase materials to build a pen. See the project brief for more information. If you are unable to donate please help by sharing this to spread the word! Here’s the link to the GoFundMe:

Project Brief: