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Eloise Charet-Calles

“We are a people of the trees here.”

NACFOR has been working with School District #10 to bring educational opportunities to local students for many years.

Eloise Charet-Calles has been an integral individual in this ongoing partnership, and we wanted to honour her story and her life’s work to bring the community together by creating a video documentary and series.

This documentary, filmed, produced and edited by Isaac Carter takes students from Nakusp Secondary School to a NACFOR tenure area near McDonald Creek to learn about cedar bark harvesting, collection, and weaving into baskets with Eloise.

Eloise’s knowledge of cedar bark weaving, her values of fostering community, and the relationship she sees between the community and the environment are showcased in this work of art.

Public screenings of the documentary film will be coming in February, so stay tuned for dates!

Lim Limpt!